A Motivating Guide to Set up your Financial Goals

Posted By on Jun 7, 2016 |

To realize your financial stability is the first step towards making your dreams into a reality by clearly having a well-defined goal. It is important that you understand your financial situation because this is what most people fail to acknowledge. One way of improving your financial status is to set your goals by motivating yourself to improve and start investing with anything like for example in binary options. Success is determined as to how you are committed in the aim to win the prize.

Planning for your financial goal is the basis of measuring and implementing the progress of your finances. The best way to set your financial goals is by determining its effectiveness through using the SMART method.

Specific- Every goal should be specific and detailed. This means that you know what you are desiring to happen in your life. For example, “how do you see yourself ten years from now?”

Measurable- working towards your success in achieving your financial goals requires a detailed number as to how much you want to aim and this is another way of comparing if you are going to achieve it or not. For example, “how much are you willing to save and invest for your retirement?”

Attainable- Work on something that can be implemented and it should be possible. Do not set goals that are merely floaters thus you will end up day dreaming. Each goal should be achieved one step at a time.


Realistic- Having realistic goals means those that can be grasp and can be experienced with you and the people that surrounds you.

Time-bounded- If you are religiously careful enough to follow your goals, one thing that will happen is that there will be no delays in achieving it. Imagine if you are to celebrate your success in the time that you have chosen to achieve

Focus on what matters most to you and prioritize it accordingly. A goal is defined when you have set your eyes and heart on it. One way for you to be able to achieve it is by exercising your habit and attitude, for example, writing down your goals, how are you going to target it, how many months or years, and how does investments work like in binary trading – learn more about it at Cybermentors. This is called mind setting. For you to have all the determination and to be motivated is to set your mind solely towards the goal.

There are sets of group as you are prioritizing your goals:

Short term goals- Most of these goals should happen within at least 6 months to one year. These goals are those involved in an urgent situation such as saving for an emergency fund. Another is paying your debts to achieve financial freedom.

Long term goals- This type of goal involves long term investment such as your child’s education, retirement investment, health. Remember while you are saving for a long-term goal, it is important that you should be debt free so you can focus on saving and investing.

As you set priorities it is important to have anticipation as there will be certainties that you can not expect to happen such as mishaps, or a sudden need for celebration because you got promoted.